Smart temperature monitoring of chilled and frozen food

PackID Technology Solutions is a company specialized in the development of solutions for smart temperature monitoring of chilled and frozen food, ensuring the microbiological and sensory quality of food and preserving the integrity of the consumer.


Food Safety

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), food safety depends on the ideal temperature of the food, being responsability of the entire production chain. PackID's temperature monitoring solution, ensures that everyone involved in product delivery logistics comply with the rules and the required temperature ranges.



The use of RFID technology with a temperature sensor allows to perform the monitoring in real time and accessed by any mobile device through an application, according to customer needs. Moreover, the link between RFID and web system allows the warning (alarm) in real time the non-compliance with temperature.


Temperature ranges

Check the main temperature ranges for chilled and frozen food.

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Below -18ºC

All frozen products must be kept below -18°C. This ensures that the microbial growth stops, assuring long life of the product.

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Between 0 and 8ºC

Milk products, milky desserts, butter and fat products have to be kept between 0 and 8°C.

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Between 0 and 4ºC

Fish, meat and egg products have to be kept between 0 and 4°C.

Know the solutions that PackID offers for temperature monitoring


Basic Monitoring

This solution aims to identify if the product has undergone temperature abuse throughout the production and distribution chain. Allows the temperature control by product batch. It is a low cost solution for any type of chilled or frozen food. Includes RFID tags and external temperature sensor.

Real time monitoring

This solution is aimed for chilled and frozen foods high value. The record temperature starts still in production output and monitors all food distribution logistics, through transportation, supermarket and the home of the final consumer. In case of temperature abuse, the industry is notified and preventive actions can be taken instantly, avoiding the product to be purchased by the consumer and affect their integrity or trust in the brand. It is a unique device composed of an RFID tag and a temperature sensor.

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